How to indentify Vinh Tuong's Genuine Products

How to identify Vinh Tuong‘s genuine products

Fake & low quality product in the market may cause serious financial & life threatening damages. Check to know in details how to identify Vinh Tuong genuine products.

I. VTI Logo Embossed

Dập nổi Logo Vĩnh Tường đầu thanh- All products: Concealed ceiling grid, exposed ceiling grid and dry-wall frames have been embossed Vinh Tuong logo.

- Not applicable for: Wall Angle frame, E-Metal and OMEGA concealed ceiling grid, and EliteLINE exposed ceiling grid.

II. Ink Printed following the logo

 Vinh Tuong applicate Ink Printed on product from May 15th 2012.

1. Concealed Ceiling grid:

Product band name, date of manufacturing, lot number on frames
Not Applicable for: Vinh Tuong OMEGA
In Phun trên thanh sản phẩm

Ink Printed on Vinh Tuong ALPHA and Vinh Tuong BASI

1. Exposed Ceiling grid:

All exposed ceiling grid are made from Blue Scope steels, with blue resin.
Product band name, date of manufacturing, lot number on frames and the sentence "NGUYEN LIEU DUOC CUNG CAP BOI BLUESCOPE" (Material are supplied by BLUESCOPE)
Not applicable for Vinh Tuong EliteLINE.


Red paint on the top of the bars


2 Grade products have a word "Loai 2" on its surface


   1. Yellow straps with Vinh Tuong brand name
2.  Grade 1 product: Yellow label
Grade 2 product: Grey label

           Applied for all types

   1. New packaging with clear exposure of Vinh Tuong logo on all sides of the carton boxes
2. Yellow label for grade 1 products, grey label for grade 2 products

           Applied for all types

 DRYWALL FRAMES    Blue strap
E-metal logo embossed


Wrapping with yellow nylon sheet.
8 pcs/package for all types of boards of dimension 605 x 1210mm
1. Logo and direction for installation are printed on the back side of the boards.
2. Applied for all types of tiles produced by Vinh Tuong

 ACCESSORIES    Vinh Tuong carton box with yellow label.

This new packaging & product identity takes effect from 15/05/2012 and is applied nationwide.